The signature of sound: with Signature PRO, Ultrasone celebrates the premiere of the Signature range

Ultrasone delights professional users and audiophile music lovers alike with a new range of high-quality headphones.

Ultrasone introduces Signature PRO, the first model in a select range of “made in Germany” headphones for discerning music lovers and professional users. The handcrafted headphones are based on the company’s more than 20 years development expertise and, with patented technologies such as S-Logic Plus, offer an impressively detailed sound experience. Designed as a closed system, the first model in the Signature range will appeal to musicians, sound engineers and hi-fi lovers in equal measure. With its classical design and high-quality materials, the Signature PRO cuts a fine figure. An excellent sound experience combined with a stylish look – this is the signature of sound.

Bavarian headphone manufacturer Ultrasone AG presents the Signature range, a new generation of excellent headphones for professional users and discerning hi-fi enthusiasts. The range celebrates its premiere with the presentation of the Signature PRO. This innovation was inspired by no lesser headphone than the Ultrasone Edition 9, which has received numerous accolades from the specialist press.

The centrepiece of the handcrafted Signature PRO is a 40-millimetre titanium-plated sound transducer developed in-house. With a frequency range of 8 Hz to 42 kHz, it reproduces more than the entire range of human hearing. Clear audio sound, a detailed midrange and precise low-range frequency reproduction ensure rarely heard audio excellence. The decentralised arrangement of the sound transducers within the ear cup creates a pleasant spatial sound. Thanks to a ‘broader’ stereo platform, all signals in the panorama can be particularly well located. The S-Logic Plus technology that has been patented all over the world also ensures an outstanding depth of sound: this gives musicians and sound engineers a perfect feeling for their mix, and music lovers experience their favourite tracks exactly as intended by the respective artists. The closed design principle supports S-Logic Plus with a precise and present low frequency range.

Handcrafted from high-quality materials

With the Signature PRO, Ultrasone proves that great reliability can be paired with excellent materials and consummate design. Although all headphone components are developed for durability and stability, the high-quality, classical design and attractive feel were the benchmark for development. The Signature glass nameplates on both ear cups are a visual highlight that blends harmoniously into the form of the headphones. The high-quality black leather and the special soft-touch coating ensure a pleasant, firm grip and are what give the Signature PRO its visual appeal.

“With the new Signature range, we are closing the gap between our high-quality PRO headphones and the exclusive models in the Edition range”, explains Michael Zirkel, COO of Ultrasone AG. “The Signature range is aimed at a quality-conscious consumer group comprising of both professional users and music lovers. As with our Edition models, it is extremely important to us that Signature is “made in Germany” and the headphones are manufactured here in Tutzing.”

Excellent wear comfort

As many professional users often wear their headphones for several hours a day, Ultrasone has developed a new headband system that ensures comfortable listening even after long periods of use. In addition to special upholstery that follows the shape of the head, the ear-cup pads and head pad are covered with Ethiopian sheep’s leather. The advantage of this extremely high-quality material is its tremendous robustness, as well as the fact that it does not perish, even after years of heavy use. Weighing in at 300 grams, despite its more complex construction, the Signature PRO is no heavier than conventional headphones.

Ultrasone has paid particular attention to the headphone cabling: thanks to a bayonet fastening on the left ear cup, the cable can be exchanged in a flash. The headphones come with two high-quality Neutrik connectors: a 1.5m cable with a 3.5mm gold- plated jack and a 3.0m cable with a gold-plated 6.3mm stereo jack. By including a

cable with a 3.5mm connector, Ultrasone is taking account of the fact that more and more professional users are working directly with a notebook without an external sound solution.

“Ultrasone maintains constant contact with its endorsers and other professional users”, explains developer Andreas Veitinger. “Based on their own practical experience, they give us the feedback we need to develop new headphone technologies and solutions. Our models thus evolve hand-in-hand with feedback from professionals and critique from highly discerning hi-fi users.” Like the PRO range, the Signature PRO will be delivered in a robust, professional transport case. This will hold both the headphones and the two cables.

Signature PRO is handcrafted by employees of Ultrasone AG as “made in Germany” headphones. A specially built case is ideal for transport and storage. It will be available from the end of November 2011 from both dealers and the Ultrasone AG online shop at a recommended retail price of €899. Further Signature models are planned for 2012.