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The signature of sound: with Signature PRO, Ultrasone celebrates the premiere of the Signature range

Ultrasone delights professional users and audiophile music lovers alike with a new range of high-quality headphones.

Ultrasone introduces Signature PRO, the first model in a select range of “made in Germany” headphones for discerning music lovers and professional users. The handcrafted headphones are based on the company’s more than 20 years development expertise and, with patented technologies such as S-Logic Plus, offer an impressively detailed sound experience. Designed as a closed system, the first model in the Signature range will appeal to musicians, sound engineers and hi-fi lovers in equal measure. With its classical design and high-quality materials, the Signature PRO cuts a fine figure. An excellent sound experience combined with a stylish look – this is the signature of sound.

Comping Tips in Reason and Record - Reason Notes & Techniques

Record, Reason and Propellerhead
The ability to quickly create and compare alternative takes is very useful. We look at how it’s done in Reason and Record.
In this sequence I’ve used the New Alt function to gather a handful of tracks for the ‘upright bass’ track, and I’ve named them to help me decide later on the feel I want for this little writing session.
When you’re putting together an arrangement, in Reason or any other sequencer, you’re faced with ongoing choices about what, musically, and in production terms, is going to work out best in the long run. Knowing exactly what’ll work in advance is a real art form, and maybe the preserve of just a few musical geniuses.

SPL Frontliner 2800 Recording Channel

This mic preamp and processor is about as flexible a device as you could hope for without taking the modular route — and all in the space of a 2U rack.
SPL’s Frontliner is based on some of their existing outboard processors, and includes elements taken from their DynaMaxx compressor, De-Esser and preamplifier modules.
This new device is ostensibly a recording channel and, as with other such channel strips, it can be whatever you decide to make it: the mic/line amp at the start might be followed by additional processing stages such as EQ, compression or de-essing, for example.

Apogee One

sound, ONE, MAC, audio and Apogee
The Apogee One is a little brother to the two-channel Duet and comprises a single-channel audio interface in a very compact and stylish enclosure. The One is USB powered and features a mono input, stereo output and built-in microphone, as well as a prominent multi-function continuous encoder knob. Apogee’s reputation for sound quality is near legendary, and the One offers 24-bit audio at sample rates of up to 48kHz and a mic preamp with 48V phantom power.
Installation & Impressions
The supplied driver DVD requires Mac OS 10.5.7 or higher and only about 34MB of space. Installation is very straightforward and is completed by a reboot.
One minor issue for me at this point was the length of the supplied USB cable.