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Surround Zone Plugin

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Surround Zone Plugin

Surround Sound and Stereo Production Solutions

The Surround Zone brings all the control and innovation of SoundField's surround and stereo processing to the digital domain. It combines the hardware features of both the SP451 Surround Processor and MKV System and is designed to accept B-Format generated by any of the SoundField microphone models. B-Format is the core of SoundField Technology and is based on the principle that all acoustic events are represented by four basic elements. These are 'X' which is front/back information (depth); 'Y' which is left/right information (width); 'Z' which is up/down information (height); and 'W', the central point from which the other three elements are referenced.

The most unique advantage or 'insurance' that SoundField Technology offers is a second opportunity to change all microphone parameters after the performance has occurred. Once again, the microphone may be repositioned across three dimensions and new polar patterns and stereo angles created. Recording can be made less or more ambient by use of the polar Pattern, Tilt, Zoom and End Fire controls. Previously off-axis sounds can now become on-axis by use of the Rotate control and further space and width obtained with the Angle control. This incredible level of control, both live and in post, affords the mixing engineer the ability to create the ideal 'sonic' perspective under the controlled conditions of the production studio - rather than forcing a decision during the original recording session that may later prove to be less than ideal.

5.1 Surround Page

Choice of 5.1 arrays with variable Front Width, Rear Width and Rear Pattern

6.1 and 7.1 arrays

360° mic array Rotate, Tilt and Zoom

Independent bargraph metering, Mute and Solo on every channel

End Fire and Invert modes

Stereo Page

Real time graphic display of polar patterns, stereo angles and other parameters

Continuously variable mono/stereo polar patterns and angles

360° mic Rotate, Tilt and Zoom

Variable High Pass filter

End Fire and Invert modes


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