5006A Surround Microphone Kit

5006A Surround Microphone Kit

    5006A Surround Kit with 4006A Omnis

    • Five carefully matched microphones
    • Perfect for Decca Tree + rear omnis surround array
    • Specially useful for acoustically accurate reproductions
    • PeliTM Case transportation and protection

    The DPA 5006A is a complete DPA 4006A Surround Kit with five carefully factory-matched omni microphones. Even though the standard tolerances on DPA Reference Standards are extremely low, the surround match is even closer.

    The specially selected DPA 4006A microphones are matched within ±0.5 dB on both frequency response and sensitivity from mean of set. The maximum phase response difference is 5°.

    The natural sound, high sensitivity, low noise-floor and extremely linear frequency response from 10 Hz to 20 kHz (±2 dB) of the microphones make the DPA 4006As the perfect choice for all AB Stereo, Decca Tree or surround main array recordings. The precise reproduction, total transparency and natural-sounding clarity of a DPA 4006A microphone will provide you with a lifetime of satisfying listening.

    The foam design in the heavy-duty transportation box allows for fast and easy exchange of microphone/accessory.

    Included in this kit
    Carefully matched microphones, sturdy PeliTM case, holders, grids, and windscreens.



    You may be interested in combining the 5006A with:

    SBS0400 Modular Stereo Boom w. Shock Mounts

    The lightweight SBS0400 stereo boom addresses the need for quick and flexible ways to switch between stereo principles like AB, XY and ORTF. A central base with rotary joint allows the microphones to be angled equally. SBS0400 has hooks for suspending the boom in wires. The standard length is 40 cm (1.3 ft) but the boom can be further extended. Includes two SM1500 shock mounts (also available as SB0400 without shock mounts).

    UA0836 Stereo Boom

    The legendary, precision handcrafted DPA stereo boom for accurate and repeatable positioning. Has distance markings in centimeters and typical angle offset markings on holder bases. Can be stand mounted or ceiling suspended. Length: 54 cm. Also available as UA0837 without holders.

    D3 Decca Tree and S5 Surround Mount

    The D3 Decca Tree and S5 Surround Mount are highly versatile and stylish microphone mounts. They provide extreme flexibility due to their unique building block design. The mounts allow for numerous configurations while providing visual elegance for fixed installations and easy transportation for location recordings.

    Microphone grids 

    Three different grids are supplied with the 4006A. An optional fourth one, the UA0777 Nose Cone, makes the 4006A perfectly omnidirectional at all angles.

    SM1500 Shock Mount, Modular

    The SM1500 is a modular double pole construction on an adjustable mic stand base. Use this mount to decouple vibrations to your microphone.

    TIP: Combined with the

    MB4000 Magnet Base

    , the SM1500 and 4006A make a good solution for on-frame mounting inside the piano with closed lid or on short stick for high isolation.


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