NT 3

NT 3


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NT 3
NT 3


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Studio and Location Multi-Powered 3/4" Condenser Microphone
Stylish and modern, the NT3 is a studio and location workhorse. With both 48V phantom and internal 9V battery operation, this RØDE is at home anywhere.

Intended for studio, stage and location work, this versatile handheld or stand mounted microphone incorporates a true externally polarized condenser transducer with an internal capsule shock mounting system, and an ultra-low noise electronic circuit that has a high immunity to R.F. interference.

The NT3 incorporates a rugged welded and heat-treated mesh head and all metal body.

     True condenser externally biased 3/4" capsule
     Dual power operation
     Cast metal body with durable satin-nickel finish
     Transformerless output
     Internal capsule shock mounting
     High level of RF rejection
     Audio-grade surface mount components
     Full frequency response
     Battery status indicator

"It offers remarkable performance and capacitor-microphone sonic virtues at a very affordable price, and as such it redefines the term 'value for money'." - Sound on Sound, November 2000

"The NT4 makes stereo miking very convenient and its ability to run from battery power makes it an obvious companion for portable DAT or Minidisc recorders where phantom power is not available." - Sound on Sound, August 2002


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