BLUE Bottle Rocket Stage 1 Mic Locker

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BLUE Bottle Rocket Stage 1 Mic Locker


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The recording engineers here at Sweetwater will tell you: microphone selection is the most critical element of producing a great recording. Well, the Blue Microphones Bottle Rocket Mic Locker puts an entire palette of recording possibilities right at your fingertips. First of all, you get a Bottle Rocket Stage 1 microphone that, even with its stock B8 capsule, excels on nearly any source. You also get three additional capsules: a B0 for huge-sounding vocals, B6 for modern sounds, and B7 for classic flavors. Blue's bottle cap system makes swapping capsules a breeze, so you can easily audition different mics until you find the perfect match. With this many microphones at your disposal, you'll find that you'll reach for EQ less often and that your mixes will sound larger-than-life. Complete with a durable case and shockmount, the Blue Microphones Bottle Rocket Mic Locker belongs in your studio!


·      An entire microphone locker in one convenient package

·      Includes 4 capsules for a plethora of modern and vintage flavors

·      S-3 shockmount reduces noise without affecting the sound of your microphone

·      Road-ready SKB case

·      B0 Cardioid large diaphragm - silky with extended presence

·      B6 Cardioid large diaphragm dual backplate - classic warmth with a large sound

·      B7 Cardioid large diaphragm single backplate - vintage mids with airy presence

·      B8 Cardioid large diaphragm - incredible detail and clear sound

·      Requires +48V phantom power


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