Non-shielded XLR Female/TRS 350cm.Balanced

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Non-shielded   XLR Female/TRS 350cm.Balanced

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Non-shielded   XLR Female/TRS 350cm.Balanced

Balanced sound conductor built without compromise and therefore without screen. Perfectly suited for all balanced signals, unaffected whether it's on line- or microphone-level.

Since the sound conductor is not shielded, a small risk of interference must be taken in consideration. We suggest to use 'protect' sound conductors when interference will necessarily lead to an uncontrollable situation, e.g. for live concerts or live recordings. For all other applications, VOVOX® link direct S is the perfect choice.

  • single solid core conductor for signal and ground
  • silver-plated, oxygen-free copper conductors
  • pigment and plasticizer-free high purity polymers
  • non-shielded

blanced ,non shielded   XLR Female/TRS 350cm

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