VOVOX mucolink direct SD 6.2212

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VOVOX mucolink direct SD 6.2212

    VOVOX® mucolink direct SD
    Every studio is unique. Whenever a big number of audio channels have to be transmitted, extraordinary flexibility is required. Our multipair cable VOVOX® mucolink direct SD is a versatile cable, offering excellent results in case of both analog and digital audio signals. It transmits either 8 balanced analog channels or, depending on the transfer rate, 8 – 16 digital channels according to AES/EBU.

    – solid core conductor for signal and ground
    – silver-plated, oxygen-free copper conductors
    – pigment and plasticizer-free high purity polymers
    – non-shielded
    – impedance 110 Ohm

     DB25/4x XLR female 4x XLR male 300cm


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