Shielded angled jack/angled jack 30cm.

Кабели и конекториVovox
Shielded angled jack/angled jack 30cm.

    VOVOX® sonorus

    Instrument and Patch Cable VOVOX sonorus protect angled phone plug/angled phone plug 30cm.
    The New Reference.

    The well known VOVOX® link protect A is the instrument cable reference for countless professional musicians. But the cable is now facing some tough home-grown competition: VOVOX® sonorus. Several years of development led to the production of a cable offering unmatched sound quality, a result of both ingenious construction and the purity of its raw materials. Another quantum leap on the way to the perfect transmission of sound signals.

     - Solid core conductors for signal and ground

     - Conductors made of the purest available copper

     - Jacketing made of natural fibres and high purity polymers

     - Capacitance of 75 pF/m only

     - VOVOX-typical cable construction with screen and separate conductor for ground

    angled phone plug/angled phone plug 30cm.

    Гаранционният срок на продукта е 36 месеца.

    Всички продукти на Vovox  са произведени в Швейцария.



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