Non-shielded Balanced Cable VOVOX sonorus direct TRS/XLR Male 500cm

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Non-shielded Balanced Cable VOVOX sonorus direct TRS/XLR Male 500cm

    The family of our premium professional cables is now complete. The advantages in the audio quality of our sonorus® instrument cables is simply amazing.
    In further development of this technology, one year after the launch of our VOVOX® sonorous protect A, we now offer a complete range of VOVOX® sonorous cables.

    VOVOX® sonorus direct S
    VOVOX® sonorus direct S is the result of long experience and countless tests. An unmatched resolution is achieved thanks to the elaborate design of this sound conductor. The excellence in transmitting subtle details regarding spatial imaging, offset in depth and harmonics is incredibly impressive.

    VOVOX® sonorus direct S is an uncompromising, non-shielded cable. A small risk of interference must be taken into consideration.

    – single solid core conductors for signal and ground

     – conductors made of the purest available copper

     – Netting of natural fibres around every single conductor wire

     – pigment and plasticizer-free high purity polymers

    TRS/XLR Male 500cm

    Гаранционният срок на продукта е 36 месеца.

    Всички продукти на Vovox  са произведени в Швейцария.


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