XK-1c Professional Drawbar-Keyboard with org. B3-keys.

Кийборди и MIDI контролериHammond
XK-1c Professional Drawbar-Keyboard with org. B3-keys.

A KEYBOARD MAGAZINE “Key Buy”! “Like Father, Like Son”-Our entry-level Organ has all the soul, all the feel, and all the classic features of our top of the line B3, at a price you might think is a misprint. The XK-1 is small and light enough to go anywhere, but make no mistake-this is full-featured organ. Digital Tonewheels, Touch-response percussion, Chorus-Vibrato, and a keyboard feel that has to be played to be believed. Forget the clones and imitations-the real thing is within your reach.

2 x VASE III as Digital Tone-wheel

1-set of 9 Adjustable Pitches Select: Tabs upper, lower, pedal
Waveform: B-type / Mellow / Brite (upper and lower)/Muted Normal/
Synth (Pedal)

Second, Third, Fast Decay, Soft Adjustable: Touch, Velocity, Decay
(Fast, Slow),
Level (Soft, Normal)

Extra Voice
8 Instruments

Master: 430 - 450 (1Hz steps), Transpose: -6 to +6

Internal Leslie:  On, Fast, Brake. Digital 2 rotors, Vibrato and Chorus: V1, V2, V3, V4, C1, C2, Overdrive: Digital Overdrive Equalizer: 3 band , Reverb: 10 Programs, Sustain: 5 Lengths (Pedal)

Internal Zone
Tabs: Split, Manual Bass, Adjustable: Map low, high, Split point, Lower

12 banks x 11 numbers + adjust, Switchable: Link/Independent

Switches: Power on/off, Rotary: Master volume, Overdrive, Tone
Wheels: Pitch bend, Modulation

20 characters, 2 line with 9 control switches and rotory encoder

Templates: 3 modes Zoned 3

AC-Inlet, MIDI in1, in2, out, Expression Pedal (Phone jack),  Foot switch, Line out L/Mono, R, Headphone, 8 pin Leslie

45 5/8”(W) x 13 1/8”(D) x 4 3/8”(H)

33 lbs


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