X-Rack EQ Module

Сигнални процесориSolid State Logic
X-Rack EQ Module

    Classic SSL four-band parametric EQ that is a superb all round frequency adjustment tool kit. Whether you need pinpoint accuracy for surgical problem solving, smoother broader sound shaping or a little more aggressive character the SSL EQ will give you what you need. This is a fully featured EQ with high- and low-bands switchable between shelving or fixed Q bell curves and two mid-bands each with variable Q control.


    SSL X Rack EQ Module Features

    • Direct copy of the XL 9000 K Equaliser as used on Duality & AWS900+ consoles
    • E and G characteristic switching
    • High and low-bands switchable between shelving and fixed Q bell curves
    • Mid-bands switchable between SSL E and G characteristics
    • EQ IN switch for A/B comparison

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