5015 Surround Microphone Kit

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5015 Surround Microphone Kit

    The 5015 4015-TL Surround Kit consists of:
    5 x 4015-TL Wide Cardioid Microphone, P48 (match within ±1 dB in sensitivity and frequency response in the microphone's entire frequency range)
    5 x UA0898 Shock Mount
    5 x UA0896 Windscreen
    1 x PSM5000 Protractor for Shock Mount

    Intended for use in WCSA (Wide Cardioid Surround Array), this kit offers:
    Five identical microphones; sensitivity and overall response and sound character
    Optimal blend between desired ambience control (cardioids) and room tone (omnis)
    Very stable front image and excellent localization accuracy
    Intense, dynamic, and enveloping sound character
    Rear cardioids can be angled upwards to blend in important height information
    Expand this array with two left/right omni outriggers and you get a beautiful coherent, precise, and rich surround sound image


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