Ox-8 J

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Ox-8 J

    Ox8 Eight Channel 3-way Splitter

    Part no. R800 8003 ~ Ox8-r with Radial transformers
    Part no. R800 8004 ~ Ox8-j with Jensen transformers

    • Balanced 8-channel mic splitter in single space 19" frame
    • Eliminates hum and buzz caused by ground loops
    • Available with either Radial or Jensen transformers
    • Ideally suited for live recording, PA and broadcast

    The Radial OX8 is a high-performance 8-channel microphone splitter that lets you send a microphone signal to as many as three consoles at the same time. Each channel is configured with a balanced input, a direct out which also serves as a return path for 48V phantom power, a thru-put with ground lift switch and a transformer isolated output.

    The OX8 is particularly well suited for live recording by delivering a transformer isolated audio signal path to the recording system while providing direct feeds to the front of house and monitor consoles. Transformer isolation eliminates hum and buzz cause by ground loops for ultra quiet results.

    For maximum flexibility, several connector options are available. Inputs may be accessed via the front panel, using standard XLRs, or the rear panel, with a choice of either 25 pin D-subs (wired to the Tascam standard) or Euro screw-down terminal connectors (Note: Wire-end terminal blocks are sold separately). Outputs include D-subs and Euro connectors, which are also located on the rear panel. These make it easy to connect to popular multi-track recording systems while providing easy termination for permanent installations.

    Although primarily designed for mic signals, the OX8 is equipped with a -36dB pad to accommodate line level sources, making the OX8 highly adaptable for all types of signal splitting. Several connector options are available to enhance flexibility. Inputs may be accessed via the front panel using standard XLRs, or via the rear panel with a choice of either 25 pin D-subs wired to the ProTools standard or screw-down Phoenix/Euro terminals which are commonly used in permanent installations.

    Because the OX8 is 100% passive, it does not require any power whatsoever to make it work. You simply plug in and the transformers do all the work. The OX8 comes standard with Radial custom wound mic bridging transformers or may be special ordered with Jensen Transformers for the ultimate purist. Each channel is further advantaged with RF filters to ensure absolute quiet performance even in the most noise-prone environments.

    The Radial OX8 is a professional recording tool that is equally at home in live touring, permanent installations or broadcast.

    OX8™ - Applications
    Using the OX8 to record a live show

    The OX8 is ideal for recording a live show. Simply connect the stage mics to the OX8 and split the signal from the OX8 to the recorder and the PA system. The transformers will isolate the recording system to eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops.

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    Using the OX8 with a live PA system

    There is nothing more bothersome than hum and buzz coming at you through the stage monitors. The OX8 is easily configured to isolate the FOH and monitor consoles to ensure noise-free performance. Gang up as many as you need for 16 or more channels.

    Using the OX8 to broadcast a live event

    Go all the way by using the auxiliary out to feed the monitors and the isolated out to feed a broadcast truck. The OX8s amazing sound quality will deliver a distortion free feed to the broadcaster while enabling the PA system to work independently.



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