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The DynaMaxx compressor/limiter/noise gate offers disarmingly ease of use with signal-dependent automation of time constants. It also premiers unique de-compression features to regain vitality e. g. from over-compressed audio files.

"The SPL DynaMaxx succeeds pretty clearly in both performance and price categories." TOOLS 4 Music (GER), Review of DBX 1066, Drawmer DL-241, LA Audio GCX-20, SPL DynaMaxx.

The DynaMaxx is ideally suited when unobtrusive, musical compression results and reliable set & forget operation are most important. SPL's unique Double VCA Drive technology employs two excellent VCAs in a differential mode for maximum transparency, dynamics, and lowest distortion values.
I/Os: both XLR connectors and 1/4 inch TRS stereo jacks for balanced operation.

Though auto attack and release functions are nothing new, in the DynaMaxx design, the time constants are automated in a very musical way. DynaMaxx adaptively optimizes all time constants in real time during processing so that the compression characteristics are continually matched to the source material. This ensures both very musical and truly set & forget operation.


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