PT 5664/50

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PT 5664/50


    Digital and Analogue Component / Composite standard half-rack Waveform Monitor. Functions include colour gamut error detection, Y PB PR, RGB, Parade, Overlay, and analogue composite display. Reclocked SDI output and RGB output for confidence monitoring.

    SDI, analogue components, and analogue composite inputs.

    SDI component waveform and vector display.

    Star display and vector display of component signals.

    Y PB PR, RGB, parade, overlay and analogue composite displays.

    Static non-linearity measurements.

    Colour gamut error indication.

    Easy alignment of SDI timing against composite PAL signal by help of overlay display.

    Easy operation with on-screen menus.

    All lines selectable in single line display.

    Bow-tie display.

    Re-clocked SDI output.

    Analogue output for picture monitors.

    Multistandard 525- and 625 lines.


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