Audio Meter- Modular PT0600M

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Audio Meter- Modular PT0600M

    The PT0600M Audio Meter is a modular multi-channel audio analyser with up to 32 input signals. The PT0600M has 4 configurable input slots and 4 output slots. Available modules include analogue, AES3 and SD-SDI formats.

    The Peak Programme Meter measures level of up to 32 audio channels simultaneously.

    7 scales directly selectable to conform to standard used.

    PPM colours and headings are user programmable for easy identification.

    Vectorscope for stereo and surround sound with unique Jelly-Fish© display supports aural impression at a glance.

    Multiple phase correlation meter indicates proper phasing to allow for downmix.

    Modular choice of input modules accepting analogue audio, AES3 and SD-SDI with deembedder for Audio.

    Flexible, up to 8 analogue audio outputs and 4 AES3 outputs connect via the internal matrix to any input, internal audio generator, and sum and difference amplifiers.

    Choice of 1024-point FFT spectrum analyser and 1/3-octave analyser for display of frequency distribution of each channel over full audible range.

    AES3 bitstream status display indicates characteristics of the digital audio signal.

    Bright, VGA colour display with adjustable backlight allows adaptation to environmental light conditions.

    VGA output connects directly to an external monitor for remote or larger display.


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