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The Cabulator combines three main features for e-guitar amplifiers: power soak, speaker simulation, and D.I. output.

Thanks to the variable power soak you can play any amp loud without being loud – with headphones even inaudible if necessary.

The Cabulator’s fully analog design excludes latencies. It thereby gives the guitarist a direct response with an authentic punch. Even the most subtle guitar amp nuances are reproduced as precisely as harmonics structures and dynamic response of a cabinet. 

You always get a top signal in recording quality in seconds – both for direct recording and for a live mix.

You can operate the Cabulator intuitively right from the start and need no further know-how. The sound tuning is well balanced so that there are no bad or wrong settings at all, but a broad range of great sounds instead.

  • With the Cabulator a guitar amp can always be played loud without necessarily being loud.
  • Fully analog construction for authentic sonic quality and direct, latency-free playability.
  • Variable power soak without dynamic loss or damped highs.
  • Passive power soak: the power soak functionality and regulation is passive and can also be used without power connection.
  • The transformer-based design maintains the harmonic content of a tube amp.
  • Sound processing is independent from absolute volume levels, which means that no recording room is necessary and ear-saving work is possible everywhere and at any time.
  • Sonically much more flexible than a fixed cabinet/mike set in that different sound characteristics can be simulated.
  • Multiple guitar tracks can be “stacked” – the doubled layers become “phatter”. In the process, there will not be any thinning effect from phase shifts as with digital simulation.
  • 100 Watts power soak: the power amp‘s distortion may, as with cabinets, be integrated into an authentically distorted sonic design.
  • Resulting recorded sounds are independent from room characteristics.
  • Signals for live mixes are at recording quality level and free from crosstalk from other sound sources.
  • The guitarist can play in the control room to listen and react to the playback directly.
  • Significantly less time spent and much more efficiency and convenience in equipment setup, preparation, and working with sound variations.
  • Working procedures and connections follow customary standards of amp and cabinet sets.
  • The D. I. OUTPUT is transformer-balanced and provides for galvanic insulation.
  • Connections from the D. I. OUTPUT can be both balanced or unbalanced.

On Stage
The amplifier signal can directly be routed through to a cabinet. The stage sound comes as usual from the back line but it can now be reduced independently from the amp's volume, maintaining the desired power amp sound.
If no back line shall be used on stage, the Cabulator supplants the cabinet (in-ear monitoring).

The D. I. output feeds a line input (DAW/interface, console). The guitarist can also play in the control room, directly to the playback from the full-range monitoring.

In any event the sound technician gets a top signal quality without miking – and without crosstalk from any other sound source.


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