Lundahl Transformer

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Lundahl Transformer

    Please note:
    Units with transformer option are built to order. Please ask your dealer for a BTO unit according to your desired configuration, even if transformer-equipped units are not offered (e. g. in a web shop system).

    GAINSTATION 1: Input transformer only (Model 2161)
    GAINSTATION 8: Input transformer only (Model 2161)
    TRACK ONE: Input transformer only (Model 2161)
    CHANNEL ONE: Input and output (Models 2161 and 2052)
    GOLDMIKE MK2: Inputs and outputs (Models 2161 and 2052)
    QURE: Inputs and outputs (Models 2051 and 2052)
    KULTUBE: Inputs and outputs (Models 2051 and 2052)

    RACKPACK Modules: Each with input and output transformer option (Models 2051 and 2052). Exceptions: Preference Mic Pre is not available with transformers, Premium Mic Pre always comes with inout and output transformers.

    MIXDREAM: Built-in output transformers (switchable, no further option)
    ATMOS 5.1: Built-in input transformers (no further option)
    RACKPACK/Premium Mic Pre: Built-in input and output transformers (no further option)

    We think a good part of the "warmth" that is commonly associated with vintage gear comes from transformers. With transformers the low end and lower mids sound rounder, full-bodied with more punch. The top end gets a silky touch and benefits from improved presence without sounding boosted. Reasons are reduced odd harmonics (which produce harsh top end impressions) and a slower characteristic compared to electronic stages which causes a more voluminous sound.
    We recommend transformers especially for vocals while electronic stages can be better for highest precision in signal transmission (transients), but in the end it's a question of personal taste, applications or for example which mics are in use.


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