Flexi Wood A 75

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Flexi Wood A 75

    Flexi Wood A75 is a panel dedicated to the control of medium and medium-low frequencies. It acts simultaneously as an absorber and a reflector, controlling excess energy in a room without compromising its ambience. This helps to create listening spaces with a natural, bright sound.

    The panel's revolutionary design is further enhanced by the addition of a wood surface. Long known for its excellent acoustic properties, the wood also adds elegance and modernity to the panel, making it suitable for use in any type of space.

    The Flexi Wood panel is available in two different thicknesses for use in different frequency ranges. Flexi Wood A75 acts as a Helmholtz resonator performing between 200Hz and 2000Hz.


    Product Technical Information
    Material: Acoustic Foam and Wood
    Product Dimensions - 60 x 60 x 7.5 cm
    Fire Rating: M1
    Colour: Light Brown
    Installation- Adhesive FlexiGlue

    Absorption Coefficient
    Hz    63     125     250    500     1k      2k      4k
     α    0,05   0,21    0,60   0,84   0,64   0,58   0,48


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