Референтни мониториBlue Sky


1x 150 W
Price Range: 
450,00 - 700,00

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Warranty Period : 2 Years

Accurate, full range, desktop monitoring with the added convenience of a remote control and connection hub.
Blue Sky’s EXO stereo monitoring system combines true, full range monitoring with the convenience of a desktop remote control hub – all at a great low price. Like the larger Blue Sky systems used in professional recording studios and movie sound stages, the bass is handled by a separately enclosed woofer, and the mid/high frequencies by the satellite speakers, leaving both uncompromised to do their jobs properly.
The result is accurate, full range sound with solid, controlled bass, clear mid/highs, and exceptional stereo imaging. The overall volume of the system and the level of the bass can be controlled easily and conveniently from the desktop remote hub, which also features an iPod input and headphone jack. Professional connectors on the rear of hub accept simultaneous inputs from a professional mixer/DAW and a soundcard/CD player, making EXO perfect for applications as diverse as desktop music recording, audio production, multimedia creation, video editing and gaming – or simply for listening to music or watching movies with stunning, full range sound.

Blue Sky is now a familiar name in the monitoring world, and many of the company's visually distinctive products manage to straddle the home studio and home theatre markets. Their new Exo 2.1 stereo monitoring system, reviewed here, uses two relatively small satellite speakers and a floor-standing subwoofer to provide full-range coverage, with a desktop remote-control hub providing a means to control the level of the bass and the overall volume. This hub also functions as an input-source connection point, as it includes an iPod input and 3.5mm headphone jack on the front, as well as both XLR/jack combi and phono connectors on the rear. When the headphone jack is used, the speakers are automatically muted.


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