Austrian Audio is a new company and in the same time – an old one – it was founded thanks to Harman Group`s decision to close AKG`s manufacturing facilities in Wien in 2017. Few of the main engineering staff and executives decided to continue their mission under the name ‘Austrian Audio”. In less than two years the new company is up and running, proudly inhabiting a facility that includes one of the iconic former AKG`s anechoic chambers.

The decades of the team`s expertise in engineering and microphone assembly quickly lead to the first eight products in Austrian Audio`s portfolio: two large diaphragm microphones, two pairs of studio headphones, Aurora – a new testing and measuring platform, a remote transmitter/receiver and an VST/AU/AAX free, open source plug-in to help exquisitely digitally control the dual-diaphragm OC818 microphone pick up pattern.

We are extremely happy to be distributing the Austrian Audio products in Bulgaria, as this is definitely a company to keep a close eye on.