The focal point of our activity is to distribute gear for production and recording studios and carefully selecting the brands we import. All of the manufacturers in our portfolio are known for the pristine quality of their products.

Despite our initial focus in studio and pro audio, we are broadening our aim to MI market and other niches in the musical industry as podcasts, immersive audio, sound for games, field recording and so on.

We constantly keep an eye on the novelties and are ready for new adventures. Our Dealer Network consists not only by big dealers but also we interact and support even the smallest local ones which give us opportunity to cover effectively the whole territory we are responsible of.


Almar Co is a well respected source in domains such as turnkey studio systems, upgrading, customizing and optimizing new and already built audio recording and mastering systems, solving problems caused by product incompatibility. Our team consists of musicians, engineers and audio engineers.

We are known for the expertise and are addressed as a consultant by customers, dealers and even our competitors when it comes to defining the most effective studio and production workflow.

We do consultation on all aspects of the equipment necessary to execute the tasks customers would need to perform.


Thank to our close partnership with respectful educational institutions such as the Sofia University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’ and Sound Ninja Music Academy, we are able to establish and spread our concept among the younger generation of Sound Engineers.

We as well organize additional lectures and workshops about the technologies we provide in those schools.

The courses in these facilities give the students the opportunity to take advantage of special educational prices for equipment and software, kindly offered by some of our partners.


Through the years, Almar has always been a part of the recording dynamism in Bulgaria, also because of our studio that used to be situated for many years in the National Philharmonic Hall. We are partners in several studio facilities as well.

All this gives us the opportunity to have a high degree expertise of all aspects of the recording and production processes. A number of produced pieces of music we have been part of, have been internationally acclaimed.