Almar Co Ltd. provides specialized Universal Audio equipment to

Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” to support students training program.
Sofia, Bulgaria: Wednesday 16 January 2019
The students in “Media Technologies and Sound Editing” program of Sofia University “St.
Kliment Ohridski” will now be able to enjoy a fully equipped studio with pristine technology,
provided by Almar Co as a result of years of close cooperation aiming excellence in the musical
The system consists of full-blown bundle of Apollo 8p, Apollo Twin Solo and UAD-2 Satellite
Thunderbolt Quad, authorized with all the plug-ins of the UAD Platform by the kind support of
Universal Audio. This setup will allow the students to not only discover the advanced topology of the
Apollo concept but also to be trained to new and orthodox technics of production and recording using
vintage type of equipment as well as the real time production used in big studios, as the system allows
emulation of the ergonomics of such workflow.
“Almar Co is very happy to partner with educational institutions, as we believe that influencing the
younger generation of producers and audio engineers will lead to higher standards in the musical
industry as well as in all other applications where sound matters. Our collaboration particularly with
the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” is an apparent choice, as we find the high educational
standards, delivered by the University, would justify our concept of what should the quality in musical
production be striving to.” says Alexander Markov, owner of Almar Co Ltd.
Adrian Georgiev, PhD, Director of the program “Musical Media Technologies and Sound
Engineering” shares his thoughts about the new gear: “Today, in the era of compressed file formats, it
is a big challenge for us to make our students conscious about the sound quality, the equipment they
use and to teach them to do critical listening. An important element for us is to educate our students of
working with analog consoles and outboard equipment and the Universal Audio`s Apollo system gives
us the opportunity to emulate this efficiently. As a leader of one of the most innovative and attractive
programs in our university, our intention is to establish cutting edge sound recording and production
facilities in which the Universal Audio equipment is going to be an important part. This will allow the
students to build knowledge, attitude and also will gain a conscious choice for the future specialist
approaches. As a conclusion, I would like to express mine and my colleague`s deep satisfaction of the
opportunity to implement the Universal Audio product range in the programs of the Sofia University
“St. Kliment Ohridski” the biggest and oldest Bulgarian one where more than 30 000 students are
being educated in 117 programs in the humanitarian and science fields.”
About Adrian Georgiev, PhD:
Adrian Georgiev, PhD is the founder of the academic training in sound technologies at the Sofia
University. He is the Head of the Department of Music, which hosts a bachelor’s and Five Master’s
Degree Programs in Music and Music Media Technology. In 1998 he created and manages the only
educational center in Bulgaria on audiovisual computer technologies. He is the author of over 10
monographs and textbooks in Bulgarian language about Computer Music Production, Mixing and
Musical Education. In 2002, develops a concept and realizes training in master programs “Music
Computer Technology and Producing”. During the years, more than 500 people have been trained in
the center, most of them working now as successful audio professionals in the Bulgarian electronic
media. In 2018, Professor Georgiev was nominated for a Quality Award, an annual award by the
Academic Community of Bulgaria, for his outstanding work on the implementation of new software
and hardware technologies in media and his work at the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”.
About Almar Co Ltd.:
A distribution company of leading brands like Universal Audio, Steinberg, Focal, Solid State Logic,
DPA Microphones and others for more than 20 years. Main supplier of equipment for the majority of
Bulgarian studios, from professional to consumer with a dealer network covering the whole country.
Almar is a team of musicians, producers and consultants in audio and musical equipment with a long
list of projects and customers in their portfolio. We have been a choice of a supplier for local music
and media celebrities, as well as some of the major production and recording studios. Being the first
company to specialize in computer music production, we de facto have established this type of market
in Bulgaria and have constantly been developing and educating it ever since. First collaborations with
educational institutions date back to 1998, when the Steinberg Training Center in Sofia University has
been established – the first one in the area. For many years we are receiving a recognition by our
customers and dealers and being considered an obvious choice to turn to.